Safe yourself, Save others.

About SafeSave

At the beginning of 2020, when the sales prices of normal (disposable) mouth caps started to take on absurd forms, we came up with a way to produce a sustainable and reusable facemask from a breathable yet protective material and at a reasonable price. This is how the SafeSave facemask started. Packed per 3 pieces in a sealed package, we immediately released our masks in various colors and prints, because every person has a different taste and so that it is easy to alternate. After all, so many people wish so much.

Why SafeSave

Our motto is “SafeSave is Safe for yourself and Save for others”. Safety comes first and when we talk about safety, we all think of our health in the first place, our own health and that of the people around you. Our goal is to make wearing a mask as comfortable as possible, in other words easy to breathe and comfortable to wear. Solid, durable, and stylish that’s what our customers wear when they choose SafeSave.

Queen Maxima

In October 2020, our mouth masks became nationally known when Dutch Queen Maxima appeared in public with a mask from SafeSave. We felt very honored with Queen Maxima’s choice for our facemask, and we couldn’t wish for a better compliment. Maxima, who is known for her style and image, chose a mouth cap that combines style and image.

Environmentally Friendly: Choose Green, Choose Consciously

Not only our customers deserve the best, nature too. SafeSave mouth caps are the green environmentally friendly alternative to the use of mouth caps.

In this world where the use of disposable products is being banned, we want to offer customers a green alternative to the environmentally polluting face masks. Our mouth caps last a very long time and can be reused without loss in quality. Therefore: choose green, choose consciously, choose SafeSave.


Our masks are made of neoprene, a fabric that you probably know from diving suits. An extremely durable material that can be washed at least 1000 times and is bone dry within 10 minutes. Furthermore, neoprene is a breathable fabric, so you don’t get a suffocating feeling. Facemasks from SafeSave are available in 3 sizes: Kids Size, Normal and XL. There is a perfectly fitting mask for everyone.